Following the Parcels

Every day millions of parcels being shipped and received. Consumers as well as business rely on safekeeping and prompt delivery of their goods or documents by logistic companies. Thanks to the technology, everyone is able to track his or her packages online to locate the accurate position. Due to the fact, that there are many forwarder and logistic companies, one can never be sure weather or not one is on the right website to track the parcel. is a unique project, uniting all the tracking systems, allowing users to track all their goods directly from one website. Our website offers easy and fast access to the tracking functionality of various forwarders. First, simply choose the designated forwarder or Logistics Company and then enter the tracking identification number into the tracking number field. Shortly after you hit the tracking button or enter key, a detailed overview of the shipment details will be displayed. It not only sounds simple, it is very simple. Of course, not only domestic shipments but also international shipments may be traced and tracked on our website! The times are over in which you just had to hope that your shipment will reach you soon. You can track hourly or daily to find out, where the shipment is and if it maybe delivered to you by the Logistics Company’s driver. You can use our website from everywhere and at any give time, free of charge. The only thing you need is a device accessing Internet, an Internet connection and your tracking number.

No limitations – All parcel services

Thanks to our cooperation with all the Logistics Companies, no virtually no limits are given! All you need is a valid tracking number for your parcel or shipment, and are then able to trace it. There is no necessity to call a hotline, which is usually bound to some working hours, you can track your parcel from our website anytime. The connectivity between the individual services and tracking systems allows us to offer you the fastest and easiest tracking ever – and it is free of charge.

Mobility is Trump

You are not required to register an account with us, as our services are available for you. Our website is up to date and reacts very flexible. It is optimized to fit your Smartphone or tablet really well, to offer the individual view. It means, that you can easily access the tracking data of your parcels anytime conveniently. Feel free to have a peek at your parcel location whenever you want it.

Collecting your data? Not interested!

We care about your privacy and private data. You don’t need to register on our website. All you need is your parcel tracking number to use the services. Once you have it, you can track your parcel right away. We are not saving the tracking numbers, as it is only used to collect the information for you. We provide the tracing services for you with most possible safety of your private.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which Logistics Company I am using?

Nope! Our website covers them all, to assure the most possible convenience. On our website, you are able to track the parcels from any provider on one website. The detailed view will show a short history of the status and locations the parcel passed.

I’m unable to find my parcel. What should I do?

Please double-check the tracking number. It is usually made up from many numbers and letters in some case. Missing out or adding too many numbers will cause problems and errors in our system. It could also be, that you have chosen the wrong Logistics Company. You will find the exact name on the shipment slip from the Logistics Company along with the tracking number. If you have just booked the package and dropped it off, it is also possible that the system is not up to date, yet. Many providers take up to one working day to properly create and update the data.

Can I use the service with my Smartphone or Tablet?

Of course, you are able to use our tracing services with any usual device such as a Smartphone or Tablet. Just key in the tracking number in the designated field and you have access to the desired data.

Is my data safe with you?

We are not collecting any private data of the visitors for the tracing purposes, which is why you do not need to worry. You are using our services anonymous – no name or address is collected or requested.

Is this service for frees?

Of course! We do not demand any payment or fee for tracking of parcels. All the data is provided free of charge.

Which Logistics Company do you recommend?

Every Logistics Company has their pro and cons. We do our best to inform you about every provider and Logistics Company, so that you can make a good decision suiting your individual case. Just click on the designated Logistics Company and you will find much information about the services, as well as history and philosophy of that company. Our website offers latest and detailed info on the entire relevant provider. In addition, you will find all the contact information to reach out to the companies.

Can I track international shipments?

Besides of domestic shipments, you can also trace shipments that are shipped internationally. Our service is aiming to have no borders!

Where can I find my shipment or tracing number?

When dropping off a parcel, you usually get a receipt from the individual office. This receipt includes usually also the important unique tracking number, which you need to track your parcel on it’s way. Please note, that not every shipment can be tracked as some Logistics Companies charge extra for tracking service. Please talk to the salesmen in the post office where you drop off the parcel, to assure that you have the adequate insurance coverage and a tracking number.

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