GLS is an international logistics company with worldwide headquarters in Amsterdam. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Mail Group, which also operates the Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide in the United Kingdom.

GLS – Live Tracking, Track and Trace Service

All GLS shipments are traceable> and GLS provides delivery notification on all shipments. All shipments are also signed for, with a digital recipient signature available online. The delivery service provider offers continuous shipment tracking. In many countries, GLS offers shipment tracking and delivery notification in real time. Parcels may be tracked using the Parcel Number or using a Track ID, which is found on GLS notification cards.

GLS Dispatch Solutions

GLS provides a range of dispatch services to businesses and individuals. Regular shipment options are available for businesses and individuals who send a large number of parcels. GLS also offers occasional shipment options in many countries for smaller parcel volumes or individuals. These services are available from GLS ParcelShops, which are located across Europe.

Regular Shipment Services

GLS operates a dispatch system that allows for integrated delivery of shipments. Each option is designed to respond to different dispatch volumes, providing solutions for businesses of different sizes as well as private senders.

Uni-Box is a fully automated data communication service with a dedicated server that manages all aspects of the dispatch process. This includes label printing and data transmission to GLS using a Linux-based system. The solution is designed for businesses that regularly send approximately 100 parcels a day. Users must also have their own enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which is linked to Uni-Box using defined interfaces.

Uni-Connect is designed for businesses that send 30 to 1,000 parcels daily. Unlike Uni-Box, it may be used by businesses without an ERP system. The Window-based solution uses software that is installed and integrated with a user’s existing I.T. infrastructure. Uni-Connect’s software system may be used to manage shipments, with parcel data being directly transferred to GLS. The system is used to enter order and customer information as well as print shipping labels.

Your GLS is an online portal with a suite of tools that enables users to send parcels. Users simply log in on the GLS website and no additional software is needed. The web portal is designed for businesses that send parcels occasionally, including up to 30 parcels a day. To access Your GLS, visit

Occasional Shipment Services

GLS Pickup - Copyrights by GLS

GLS Pickup – Copyrights by GLS

GLS provides a variety of parcel delivery solutions for individuals and businesses that send a small number of parcels. These services are primarily available at GLS ParcelShops or online using the Easy-Start tool on the GLS website.

GLS ParcelShops are located in 12 countries throughout Europe. Outlets are found in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia. ParcelShops serve as an alternate delivery address for parcel recipients in many countries. Parcels are sent to a nearby outlet when they are not deliverable following the first attempt. Online shoppers may also select to have their items sent to a ParcelShop when ordering or once an item has been dispatched. Outlets are also convenient for dropping off parcels or returning online orders.

Easy Start is an online parcel dispatch service. The online service allows users to create and print parcel labels. It can also be used to manage delivery addresses, request a parcel pick-up, or pay for delivery charges. As of 2014, the service is only available to customers in Germany and Ireland.

GLS Shipping Options

GLS provides a range of shipment options for parcel senders, including express services and convenient options to enhance flexibility. The following is an overview of standard and optional service options available from GLS. Costs for each service depend on dimensions of individual shipments, as well as the origin, service level and destination. Cost and exact service options may vary between GLS national service providers.

Parcel Delivery

GLS Scanner - Copyrights by GLS

GLS Scanner – Copyrights by GLS

GLS parcel delivery is available for parcels sent to destinations within Europe, with delivery typically between 24 and 96 hours from the time an item is dispatched. GLS provides parcel delivery services from Monday to Friday during regular business hours. GLS compensates all items up to the value of the goods, unless transport insurance is purchased for additional coverage.

GLS offers its FlexDelivery Service for domestic shipments in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. International shipment is also available between Austria and Germany.

Maximum parcel weight is 30 to 50 kilograms, depending on the country. The maximum dimensions include a width of up to 80 and a length of up to 200 centimetres, while the maximum height is up to 60 centimetres. The combined length and girth (that is, the circumference plus the longest side of the parcel) must not exceed 300 centimetres.

Business Parcel Delivery

GLS offers national and international business-to-customer and business-to-business shipment options. Maximum parcel weight for GLS’s Business-Parcel and Euro Business-Parcel services is 30 to 50 kilograms, depending on the country. The maximum width is 80 centimetres and the maximum length is 200 centimetres, while the maximum height is set at 60 centimetres. The combined length and girth must not exceed 300 centimetres.

Business-Parcel is the basic service for domestic parcel deliveries. Generally, the delivery time is less than 24 hours. Senders may opt for the Guaranteed 24 Service, which guarantees delivery before 5:00 p.m. on the next working day. Delivery may be longer for destinations in remote or outlying areas, as well as on islands. Items are covered up to the value of the goods, with a defined maximum.

For international delivery of parcels within Europe, GLS offers its Euro Business-Parcel service. Parcels are sent to major destinations in Europe within 24 to 48 hours. Delivery to certain remote or outlying destinations may take up to 96 hours.

Global Business-Parcel is available for parcels up to 50 kilograms that are sent to major business centres around the world. Delivery is possible to almost any destination with the exception of politically unstable countries such as North Korea. Parcels are covered up to the value of the goods, in accordance with the Montreal Convention.

For smaller items, GLS offers its Business-Small Parcel option for domestic delivery. Delivery is typically within 24 hours. This service is designed for small and sensitive goods up to two kilograms in weight and with a maximum length of 40 centimetres. For international delivery of small parcels within Europe, GLS offers its Euro Business-Small Parcel service. Delivery is generally within 24 to 48 hours, although delivery to certain destinations may occur within 72 to 96 hours.

Express Delivery

Express delivery is available for urgent or time-sensitive parcels. GLS provides its Express-Parcel service for national shipments, as well as its Euro Express-Parcel for international shipments.

Express-Parcel services are available for guaranteed delivery before the close of business on the next working day within a specific country. In many countries, timed delivery is possible for earlier in the day. Most GLS national partners offer timed delivery before 12:00 p.m. as standard. Saturday delivery is also available in many areas. All Express-Parcel shipments are covered for the value of the goods up to a defined maximum, which varies depending on the country.

Euro Express-Parcel ensures delivery on the next working day before the close of business. This service is available in many countries. Additional time-definite options are also available for time-critical shipments. Items are covered for the value of the goods, up to a defined maximum that may vary depending on the country.

Maximum parcel weight for GLS’s Express services is 30 to 50 kilograms, depending on the country. The combined length and girth must not exceed 300 centimetres. The maximum width is 80 centimetres and the maximum length is 200 centimetres, while the maximum height is set at 60 centimetres.

Optional Services

For Saturday delivery, GLS offers a Saturday Services for express parcels. This option features express delivery on Saturday and is available with Express-Parcel and Euro Express-Parcel. Saturday delivery may not be available in all countries.

TimeDefinite Services are available for time-definite delivery of urgent shipments. Options include the delivery of domestic parcels before 8 a.m., 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. local time. For international parcels, options include delivery before 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or Noon local time. The TimeDefinite Service is available with Express-Parcel and Euro Express-Parcel.

GLS’s DocumentReturn Service allows for parcel delivery and return of important documents. When this service is selected, GLS delivers a parcel and collects important signed documents before returning them to the sender. The DocumentReturn Service can be used when sending an item with Express-Parcel or Business-Parcel.

FlexDelivery Service informs recipients about the delivery of a shipments. The option is designed for business-to-consumer shipments. When goods are ready to be shipped, recipients are sent an email with information about the parcel. The service also allows recipients to make alternative arrangements, such as selecting a new delivery date, a different delivery address or the option to pick up an item from a local GLS Parcel Shop, where available. This service is available for domestic shipments in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. It is also available for international parcels between Austria, Belgium and Germany. The service is available with Business-Parcel, Business-Small Parcel, Euro Business-Parcel or Euro Business-Small Parcel.

ShopDelivery Service directs parcels to a local GLS ParcelShop. Recipients of a parcel can select a ParcelShop when placing an order or after the parcel has been dispatched. When a parcel arrives at a ParcelShop location, recipients are informed by text or email. The item can be collected within nine or ten business days, depending on the country. This option is available when choosing the Business-Parcel or Business-Small Parcel options.

The DeliveryAtWork Service gives recipients the option to have their parcel sent to their workplace. Recipients can choose this option when making a purchase online or once a parcel has been dispatched. GLS will deliver the parcel to a specific department, office or person and not just a workplace’s central mail office or warehouse. Items sent with Business-Parcel and Business-Small Parcel are eligible for this option.

GLS’s Cash Service allows parcel recipients to pay for goods on delivery. GLS then transfers the payment to the parcel sender. This option is available with Business-Parcel, Business-Small Parcel, Euro Business-Parcel and Euro Business-Small Parcel.

With Pick&Ship Service, GLS collects parcels from an address and delivers it directly to the recipient. This service is designed to shorten delivery time and minimise transport, dispatching and warehousing costs. Collection times can be requested using one of GLS’s dispatch systems or online. Pick&Ship is available with Business-Parcel, Business-Small Parcel, Euro Business-Parcel and Euro Business-Small Parcel.

GLS offers a return management solution with its Pick&Return Service. With this option, GLS collects parcels from any address throughout Europe and delivers them to clients. GLS’s Exchange Service is used to combine delivery and pickup. This is particularly useful when GLS delivers a replacement part and collects the faulty item for delivery to a repair service or manufacturer. These services are available with Business-Parcel, Business-Small Parcel, Euro Business-Parcel and Euro Business-Small Parcel.

GLS Logistics

GLS Delivery - Copyrights by GLS

GLS Delivery – Copyrights by GLS

GLS provides logistics services, including complete fulfillment solutions and freight transport in certain countries. Warehousing solutions including storing, packing and dispatching of goods is available in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Warehouses are directly linked into the GLS network and GLS is responsible for managing goods and information flows.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, GLS provides freight logistics solutions through a dedicated freight distribution network. Delivery of freight shipments to destinations in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands is generally within 24 hours. The service includes real-time tracking. GLS’s freight solution is also available in Italy.

GLS also creates customised solutions for transporting goods. This option is designed for businesses that send unique goods with non-standard sizes and weight. It is also ideal for urgent shipments or consignments that need special handling.

Parcel Redirection

In Germany and the Netherlands, GLS allows parcel recipients to select different delivery options if the first delivery attempt was unsuccessful. In these cases, a parcel is returned to a depot until the recipient decides how the parcel will be delivered or redirected. Redirection requests may be made online or by calling GLS.

Redirection options include a second delivery attempt to the original address. In Germany, the parcel recipient can choose the specific day that the next attempt will be made. Other options include selecting a different delivery address, requesting delivery to a specific GLS ParcelShop, or opting to pick-up the parcel directly from the depot. Parcel recipients may also issue a release authorization where GLS has permission to leave the parcel at a particular location, such as a porch or shed. Recipients may also refuse the parcel, in which case it is returned to the sender.

GLS Notification Card

If an express courier is unable to deliver an item during, a notification card is provided with information on the parcel and how it can be collected. Following a first attempt, a second attempt is typically made free of charge. The second attempt is typically made on the next working day, unless another delivery option is requested by the sender. Recipients may choose an alternate address or request pick-up from a ParcelShop online using the Track ID number provided on the notification card. For private customers, items generally are sent to a GLS ParcelShop following the first attempt, if these outlets are available in the country.

GLS Depot and ParcelShop Finder

GLS operates depots and ParcelShops throughout Europe. To find a local depot or retail outlet, visit the GLS Depot Finger.

Company History and Information

GLS Logo - Copyrights by GLS

GLS Logo – Copyrights by GLS

Europe’s third largest parcel service provider, GLS operates in nearly 40 countries throughout Europe. It also provides delivery services most addresses around the world through a network of partners, including Parcelforce Worldwide.

GLS Hub - Copyrights by GLS

GLS Hub – Copyrights by GLS

GLS traces its origins to German Parcel Paket-Logistik GmbH and was conceived as a centrally-managed pan-European parcel service. German Parcel was created in 1989 following the consolidation of 25 German-based parcel carriers into a nationwide service. The company was a leading domestic parcel delivery service in Germany and a provider of international services through its partnership with General Parcel, which was founded in 1992.

With headquarters in Amsterdam, General Logistics Solutions B.V. (GLS) was formally founded in October 1999. The company was formed following acquisitions of several European companies during the preceding months, including German Parcel, General Parcel Hungary and Der Kurier. Over the next several years, GLS continued to expand its operations throughout Europe with acquisitions of parcel companies in Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Finland, Hungary and other countries.

In 2000, GLS partnered with Parcelforce Worldwide. The partnership allowed GLS to enter the UK market. In 2001, GLS adopted a uniform branding across Europe and rebranded GLS-acquired national companies under one brand. Unlike many other European countries, GLS does not operate its own brand in the United Kingdom. Parcelforce handles parcels on behalf of GLS in the UK under its own brand. In 2004, General Parcel ceased operations and international services were transferred to GLS International.

GLS is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe. The group operates a road-based network with 37 central transshipment points and 39 hubs throughout Europe, serving over 220,000 customers in 2013-14. GLS also has more than 660 depots throughout the continent and operates a fleet of approximately 18,000 vehicles including 2,000 long-haul trucks. The company also uses air freight connections and national networks, including in the United Kingdom. In 2013-14, the GLS Group reported revenue of £1.96 billion. The group handled approximately 404 million parcels worldwide in 2013-14.

Employment Opportunities

The GLS Group employs approximately 14,000 people worldwide. GLS employs people in a variety of fields at locations across Europe. For more information about working with GLS and current vacancies, visit

Contact Information

The head office of General Logistics Systems B.V. is Breguetlaan 28-30, 1438 BC Oude Meer, The Netherlands. GLS can be contacted by email at or by calling +31 (0) 20 6587 717, or by completing an online contact form. For more information on the GLS Group or for contact information for national partners, visit

The registered address for Parcelforce Worldwide, GLS Group’s partner in the UK, is Coventry International Hub, Siskin Parkway West, Middlemarch Business Park, Coventry, CV3 4PF. Parcelforce may also be contacted by email at

GLS tracking services in other countries: