Interlink Express Parcels Limited, operating as Interlink Express, is a time-critical delivery service based in the United Kingdom. The company is one of the UK’s leading overnight parcel delivery companies and specialises in business-to-business and business-to-customer deliveries for small, medium and large companies.

Interlink Express – Live Tracking, Track and Trace Service

Interlink Express offers a variety of free tools to keep track of parcels sent through the company’s network. Parcels sent with Interlink Express and Interlink Direct can be tracked online by using a reference number and the post code of the delivery address. The reference number is provided when purchasing a shipping label or it will be shared by the sender. The number is also found on a Calling Card or Collection Card left at the recipient’s address following a failed delivery attempt.

Predict provides a one hour delivery window for parcels. Recipients are notified of the estimated delivery time by SMS or email. The aim of the service is to ensure deliveries are made on the first attempt, which reduces costs for senders and the delivery service. Notifications include the name of the Interlink Express driver and the parcel’s position in the delivery queue. If the one hour window is not convenient, recipients can use the text or email to change the delivery date or opt to have the parcel delivered to another location.

Interlink Express also offers Predict Collections, which lets customers known when a driver will arrive to pick up a parcel. A one hour time slot for pick-up is communicated by text or email. Customers can opt to confirm the time or rearrange the collection date to a more convenient time. Confirmation or new arrangements for pick-up can be made by email or text. Interlink Express covers the cost of sending text responses.

Follow My Parcel allows recipients to track their item on a real-time map with detailed timing information. The system also provides notifications of when a drive is 15 minute from the parcel’s destination. Follow My Parcel as well as Predict are also available to DPD UK customers.

Although Interlink Express does not have a dedicated mobile app, the company has developed a convenient mobile website. The simplified Interlink Express Mobile site allows users to check the status of a parcel and rearrange delivery from any location using their mobile device.

Interlink Express


A subsidiary of GeoPost UK Limited, Interlink Express collects parcels for national and international delivery. It provides a range of door-to-door delivery services, from next day timed delivery to international air freight to some 200 countries.

Interlink Express Services

Interlink Express offers a variety of services for sending documents, parcels and freight. Specialising in business-to-business and business-to-customer deliveries in the United Kingdom, the company also offers fast and reliable export services for shipments travelling to destinations outside of the UK. Interlink Express also has service options with customised solutions for shipments that require special attention.

Interlink Express UK Services

Interlink Express - Delivery – Copyrights Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

Interlink Express – Delivery – Copyrights Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

All UK deliveries are given a one hour delivery window so that customers know when to expect a parcel within a specific timeframe. A variety of time-sensitive delivery services are available for urgent parcels that require tracked delivery by a specific time and date, including on weekends. The cost of sending a parcel depends on the weight of the item and the preferred service level.

For sending items within the United Kingdom, Interlink Express offers its expresspak 1 branded packaging. The premium bag is used for items weighting up to 1 kilogram. The expresspak 5 premium bag is available for items weighting up to 5 kilograms. A parcel is defined as a single item weighting up to 30 kilograms or up to 1 metre in length. Freight is defined as a single item weighting between 31 and 350 kilograms. Freight parcels are also defined as having dimensions in excess of 2.3 metres girth and 1 metre in length. For offshore deliveries, the maximum dimensions are 1000 millimetres in length, 600 millimetres in width and 800 millimetres in height. The maximum weight for offshore deliveries is 30 kilograms. Offshore destinations include Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Scottish Islands, the Scottish Highlands, the Isle of Wight, and the Isles of Scilly.

Parcel deliveries with Interlink Express’s by 10 service arrive before 10 a.m. on the next business day. A signature is required when using the by 10 service. For delivery in Scotland, an extra hour is generally needed. As of 2014, the cost of sending a parcel starts at £17 when using an expresspak1 premium bag and £19.55 with the expresspak5. The rate for sending a parcel is £26.10 for an item up to 10 kilograms and 62 pence for each additional kilogram, while freight costs £43.85 for up to 31 kilograms and 64 pence per additional kilogram. By 10 is not available for parcel deliveries to offshore destinations.

For less urgent parcels, Next Day delivery is also available before lunch with the by 12 service. Delivery to more rural areas of England and Wales may not be possible by 10 and may only be available by 12. For by 12 services in Scotland, an extra hour is typically added for delivery. The service is not available when sending parcels to offshore addresses. By 12 is available for £12.00 with expresspak1, £14.55 with expresspak 5, £21.10 for parcels (plus 62 pence per kilogram over 10 kilograms), and £35.75 for freight (plus 64 pence per extra kilogram over 31 kilograms).

For standard next day service, Next Day ensures that parcels will arrive before the end of business on the following working day. Next Day rates for destinations within the UK are £7 per expresspak1 bag, £9.55 per expresspak5 bag, £37.10 for parcels up to 10 kilograms (52 pence per additional kilogram) and £30.75 for freight up to 31 kilograms (64 pence per additional kilogram). For offshore deliveries, expresspak1 and expresspak5 bags can be used for parcels sent to Jersey and Guernsey for £14.92. The rate for Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands is £37.45 for parcels up to 5 kilograms (£1.46 per additional kilogram), while the rate for the Isle of Wight is £21.85 for parcels up to 10 kilograms (75 pence per additional kilogram). Next Day service is not available for the Scottish Highlands, the Scottish Islands, the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Man.

Two Day service is offered for many offshore deliveries. For Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Scottish Islands and the Isles of Scilly, Two Day service is provided for £27.30 per parcel up to 5 kilograms in weight (95 pence per additional kilogram). For the Isles of Scilly, second day delivery is only guaranteed for St. Mary’s with third day delivery provided elsewhere. For the Scottish Highlands, Two Day service is available for £21.85 per parcel up to 5 kilograms (75 pence per additional kilogram). Interlink Express’s Two Day service is not available for the Isle of Wight or when using expresspak1 and expresspak5 premium bags.

For deliveries on Saturday, Interlink Express offers Saturday by 10 and Saturday by 12 options, as well as Saturday Next Day service. By 10 rates range from £28.00 per expresspak1 bag to £59.00 for freight, while By 12 rates range between £24.00 per expresspak1 bag and £54.50 for freight. Next Day service is available for £19.00 per expresspak1 bag, £21.55 per expresspak5 bag, £28.00 for parcels up to 10 kilograms (52 pence per additional kilogram) and £49.00 for freight up to 31 kilograms (64 pence per additional kilogram). By 12 and Next Day options are also available for Sunday deliveries. Sunday by 12 rates range from £24.00 per expresspak1 bag to £54.50 for freight, while Sunday Next Day rates are the same as Saturday Next Day rates. Weekend deliveries are not available for offshore destinations, and an additional hour is needed for by 10 and by 12 services in Scotland.

Interlink Express International Services

Interlink Express - Documents – Copyrights Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

Interlink Express – Documents – Copyrights Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

Interlink Express offers the choice to send parcels by air or road to destinations outside of the UK. Rates vary based on the destination and the size of the consignment. Deliveries are made by DPD, which operates approximately 800 depots across Europe. The maximum weight per item is 31.5 kilograms and items must also not exceed 175 centimetres in length and 300 centimetres in girth, although special rates are available for consignments that exceed these dimensions. Charges are based on the volumetric weight or the actual weight, whichever is greater. Rates for parcels sent within Europe start at £25.70 for items weight up to 5 kilograms and £1.50 per additional kilogram. Transit times range from two to eight days, depending on the destination.

Worldwide service is offered with Interlink Express’s international Air Express service, which provides deliveries to destinations across Europe and more than 200 countries around the world with partner air carriers. Rates are calculated based on the destination and weight of the consignment. Parcels are charged based on either the volumetric weight or the actual weight, whichever is greater. The maximum weight per item is 31.5 kilograms, and the maximum dimensions are 175 centimetres in length and 300 centimetres girth. Special rates may be available for shipments over 31.5 kilograms. Rates for sending documents and parcels within the European Union start at £37.10, while rates for non-EU countries start at £40.30 for documents and £46.30 for parcels. Transit times within the European Union vary between two and five days, while delivery times for other destinations range from two to nine days for major cities.

Interlink Express Special Services

Interlink Express provides customised collection and delivery solutions for large, bulky or unusual shipments, as well as complicated consignments. Services range from air, road and sea transport that are beyond the scope of Interlink Express and Air Express services, which typically handle up to three freight pallets. Options include air and ocean freight for larger shipments. Dedicated vehicles are also used for Euro Bullet, a fast and secure ground transportation option for larger consignments. Door-to-door exhibition stand freight services are also available. For more information, email or call 0121 665 3270.

MyInterlink by Interlink Express

Businesses and organisations need an account to ship with Interlink Express. An account allows for an integrated shipper service, with notifications from Interlink Express sent to customers using their clients’ own branding. MyInterlink is a free tool provided to account holders for managing their shipments online. The service allows clients to track consignments, rearrange collections and find Interlink Express depots. The platform also features an address book and the ability to set personal shipping preferences.

Interlink Direct

Inter Direct – Copyrights by Interlink Express

Inter Direct – Copyrights by Interlink Express

Interlink Direct is part of Interlink Express. The service operates from 99 franchised depots within close proximity all major cities in the UK. The service is designed for individuals and businesses that ship less than five parcels per week, while Interlink Express is geared towards companies looking for business-to-business and business-to-customer deliveries.

No account is required to use Interlink Direct, although users can register with Interlink Direct to make shipping easier. Registering allows users to pre-populate information and store shipping history. Interlink Direct allows users to pay for sending parcels online. Payment for sending a parcel can be made with a credit or debit card or with PayPal. Once a label has been purchased, it is printed and affixed to the parcel before it is dropped off at an Interlink Direct depot.

Interlink Direct is available for sending parcels within the UK or abroad. Various next day delivery services are offered, as well as international shipping options. Next day delivery is guaranteed by 5:30 p.m. to most destinations within the UK, unless a premium service is selected. Premium services include by 10 and by 12 deliveries, as well as Saturday by 10 and by 12 services on the weekend. Next day and two day delivery services are available for offshore destinations.

The maximum weight for individual parcels send with Interlink Direct is 25 kilograms. The maximum dimensions for domestic parcels are 100 by 70 by 60 centimetres, while for international parcels they are 70 by 60 by 55 centimetres. Customers may use Interlink Direct for sending up to 10 parcels per consignment.

Interlink Express Calling Cards

Interlink Express - We missed you card  – Copyrights by Interlink Express

Interlink Express – We missed you card – Copyrights by Interlink Express

A Calling Card is left by an Interlink Express driver when no one is available to accept a parcel. A Collection Card might also be left when the item is available for pick-up at a local Interlink Express depot. Both cards will include a reference number that can be used for tracking the parcel and making new arrangements for picking up or delivering the parcel. Changes can be made online or by calling the phone number on the card.

If delivery was not possible on the first attempt, recipients can designate a safe place at the same address for the item to be left during the next delivery attempt. They can also choose a more convenient delivery date and time, including upgrading the delivery by choosing Interlink Express’s by 10 or by 12 time delivery service. Recipients can also opt to collect the parcel from a local depot or nominate another property in the same post code as the original delivery and have the parcel sent to a neighbour.

Interlink Express – Company History

Interlink Express was founded in 1979. Originally a motorcycle courier service, the company began overnight parcel deliveries in 1981. In 1991, Interlink Express became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mayne Nickless, an Australian company with courier and transport interests in the United Kingdom. Since 2000, Interlink Express has been wholly owned by La Poste Group, one of Europe’s largest postal services group. La Poste provides mail and parcel services, as well as logistics and financial services for customers across Europe.

In 2001, GeoPost purchased Interlink Express along with the UK’s Parceline. Like Interlink Express, Parceline was also owned by Mayne Nickless. GeoPost is a subsidiary of La Poste and is majority owned by France’s national mail service, which also serves as a postal operator for many of the Overseas Departments and territories of France. GeoPost handles all of La Poste’s domestic and international express and parcel subsidiaries, including Chronopost International, Exapaq, DPD, Seur GeoPost and Yurtiçi Kargo. Although Parceline was rebranded as DPD UK, Interlink Express retained its name and branding following the acquisition.

Company Information

Interlink Express UK – Copyrights Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

Interlink Express UK – Copyrights Picture © Daniel Graves Photography. 2013. SHOWS:

Interlink Express is a member of the DPD network, which distributes approximately 285 million parcels each year around the world. DPD, also known as Dynamic Parcel Distribution, was founded in 1977 and is one of Europe’s largest business-to-business (B2B) parcel delivery services. Operating 50 depots across the UK and serving approximately 6,500 customers nationwide, DPD UK began operations as Courier Express in 1970 and adopted the Parceline name in 1984.

Interlink Express serves about 30,000 customers every year and operates a delivery fleet of 2,500 vehicles. With over 100 depots across the United Kingdom and Ireland, the company also operates a Superhub in Birmingham that is capable of handling about 27,000 parcels per hour. The company offers a range of time-critical UK and international delivery options with Interlink Express and Interlink Direct, as well as special tailored services for urgent and unusual parcels through its Interlink Express and Air Express services. The company’s Special Services Division offers additional air, ground and sea delivery options to meet the special needs of individual clients when delivery is not possible with regular Interlink Express or Air Express services.

Interlink Express’s Logistics Division provides customised logistics service that helps to add value to customers’ supply chains. The goal is to provide customers with seamless transfers from production to end users with an integrated warehousing, fulfilment and distribution service. As part of its operation, Interlink Express uses dedicated warehouses at its Superhub to hold stock for its customers. Logistics services include inventory management, collation of packs and kits, cross docking, and pick and pack with late cut-off times and for urgent deliveries.

Interlink Express Jobs and Careers

Interlink Express employs approximately 600 staff through GeoPost UK. The company offers its employees a full induction and training programme, as well as a range of benefits including a contributory pension scheme and incentives. Most office-based opportunities with Interlink Express are at the company’s head office in Smethwick, West Midlands. As a subsidiary of GeoPost, employees are hired by GeoPost UK. Information about current vacancies with Interlink Express is available at

There are franchise opportunities with Interlink Express, specifically for managing franchise depots. The parcel collection and delivery company has a network of more than 100 franchises across England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. Interlink Express is a member of the British Franchise Association (BFA), which monitors franchisors and provides support to members. The company also provides an induction and training programme for franchisees as well as ongoing training, support and advice. Franchise owners are paid monthly for collections and deliveries they make. The initial investment for a franchise typically varies between £100,000 and £500,000, which covers the initial franchise agreement for ten years. After this initial term, agreements can be increased for five year periods.

Interlink Express Contact Information

  • To contact the company’s head office, write to Interlink Express Parcels Limited, Roebuck Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1BY.
  • Enquires by phone can be made by ringing 0121 697 2931.
  • To arrange a collection or to track a parcel, call Interlink Express on 0844 824 0550 or 0121 275 0520.
  • More information is also found on Interlink Express’s website at

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    3rd payment of R3050.00 for clearance
    4th payment of R2500.00 for Security charges
    5th payment of R3000.00 for Delay charges
    6th payment of R4720.00 for delivery charges again.
    7th payment of R6420.00 for transfer realese
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