In excess of 700 Tuffnells vehicles operate through over 30 strategically based depots throughout the UK and Ireland. This extensive resource enables Tuffnells to offer a comprehensive range of guaranteed delivery services with the added benefit of electronic proof of delivery being available.

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Tuffnells Parcel Express: A Comprehensive Look at Courier Services

Courier services have become the cornerstone of today’s enterprise world. More and more sellers are using the online platform to sell their goods on one hand, and using courier services such as those provided by Tuffnells to facilitate deliveries on the other hand.

While such services weren’t common in the past, the availability of the internet and the computer has gone a long way into promoting their use and today, there are just as many businesses as customers benefitting from it. Before looking into the gains that have been made in this industry however, it’s important to look into the background of the services.

Tuffnells Parcel Delivery Then and Now

For as long as anyone can remember, there has always been need to send messages across different destinations and centuries back, couriers came in the form of messengers who would go running to deliver messages from one region to the other. However, this was soon to change when horses were adopted as a means of transport, and running messengers were replaced by riders. At this point, complex networks also started to be formed.

After this period (around the 17th century), the first post offices were set up and opened to provide more efficient services. However, the services were only available to the wealthy considering the fact that they are the only ones who could afford to handle the costs that were incurred with every mail received. With time though, the prices came down as more post offices were opened throughout the UK and in other parts of the world. Also, major reforms were made in the sector and before long, ships and trains became part of the courier network.

Today, the courier services offered are among the safest and fastest ever experienced. In addition, due to the advanced technology and stiff competition, the delivery of parcels and packages is reasonably priced, and the networks established and very efficient. Not to mention, technology has done a lot to make the process extra reliable as information on parcels and consignments can be recorded and retrieved in an instant.

The Benefits of Parcel Delivery Services

  • Easy Tracking: Previously, it would be quite frustrating for receivers waiting to get hold of their packages as they weren’t able to tell when exactly they would receive those parcels. However, couriers in the current market use advanced technology that enables customers to watch the movement of their packages from the time the goods are dispatched right up to the point of delivery.
  • Convenience and Customer Satisfaction: Customers are now keener on efficient service delivery than ever and fortunately, with courier services, they can pay for goods and have them delivered within 24 hours or less. Besides, such buyers are not limited to obtaining goods sold in brick and mortar stores around them anymore; they can make purchases from traders in any part of the world.
  • Prompt Delivery: In business, there are times when there may be need to send documents from one location to another urgently. During such instances, the services offered by courier service providers can be very helpful as the parcel can be transferred on time regardless of whether its destination is local or international.
  • Time-saving: Courier services are time-saving for business. Without them, so much time would be wasted on picking and dropping off consignments; this implies that lesser time would be left to cater for the other important aspects of the trade.
  • Reduced Costs: Parcel delivery and tracking services have contributed to significant cost reductions in the entire delivery process. Traditionally, paper would be used to record data on various consignments after which the information would be filed manually before storage. Apart from the extra workers that would be required to complete this task, more time would also be consumed in tracing files whenever there was need to retrieve information on a specific package. However, with the current computerised databases, such assignments can be completed accurately and in minimal time.

The Parcel Tracking Process

The technology used in courier tracking in the existing market has gone a long way into promoting the quality of the services being offered. Tracking allows both dispatchers and receivers to get accurate information on the movement of any particular consignment. To facilitate this process, any of two methods may be used. First, details of the package may be taken down and reported at different intervals, or alternatively, a GPS device may be placed on the vehicle transporting the consignment. With the GPS option, both parties can be able to track the package in real time, and at their own convenience. Tuffnells Parcel Express facilitates parcel tracking for safety purposes and to give customers peace of mind as well.

Importance of Obtaining Consistent Courier Services

If customers have to always ask where their delivery is or when it is going to arrive, they might soon take their business elsewhere. Any business that is aiming to grow should therefore seek to work with a service provider whose services are dependable. Meeting customer expectations will among other things, often boil down to service delivery and because of this, the courier company that a business chooses really matters.

Good parcel delivery services can make a huge difference. Having deliveries delayed because the courier couldn’t leave until the vehicle was fully loaded can lead to dissatisfied customers and lost business. Obviously, this isn’t something any trader would want to experience. Thus, it’s not just important to find a courier provider, it’s also crucial to look into the dependability of the services offered.

What to Look For In a Courier Service Provider

Considering the many service providers available in the market, finding the right courier is of utter importance. Bearing that in mind, here are the things to asses in order to get hold of the right company:

  • Professionalism: The selected parcel delivery company has to employ the highest levels of professionalism in their service delivery. The last thing any individual or business person wants to deal with is a company whose drivers keep some of the items rather than deliver them, or workers who appear not to have time to sort out customers problems.
  • Reliability: Along with professionalism, the company also needs to be reliable. This denotes that deliveries should be guaranteed such that in case a customer orders goods that are either damaged on the way or not delivered at all, they should be able to get some form of compensation. Other than that, the company should be reachable throughout the day and night to allow clients to access information about their consignments at anytime.
  • Speed: Some customers are contented having their goods delivered a few days or even a week from the time they place their order. However, in other instances, same day delivery may be required. This may especially apply when dealing with businesses related documents, or delicate goods such as some food items and medical supplies. With reference to this, if the preferred company doesn’t seem to be straightforward about the delivery timings, it is best to consider another alternative.
  • Experience: Some businesses can only facilitate delivery of parcels and small consignments while others can take charge of any delivery regardless of the type or amount of goods that needs to be transported. Dealing with a service provider who can manage any delivery is the best way to go because then, there will be no need to look from scratch in case the business needs change.
  • Pricing: Working with an experienced and reliable courier service provider is crucial, but even with that, the company’s pricing has to be factored in. The cost of the services should not just be competitive, it should also be affordable. Couriers offer different rates based on the type of delivery services they offer and the amount of care required in handling and maintaining the involved goods. For a business dispatching consignments on a regular basis however, a contractual agreement may be a good idea as it may come at a better price.
  • Obtaining Services from Tuffnells

    Tuffnells Parcel Express offers its delivery services both within and outside the UK. Once an order has been dispatched, deliveries can be made at different times: before 9:30, before 10:30 and before 12:00 the next day. There is also provision for Saturday deliveries and economy delivery which is done in 72 hours. The company’s depots are located in different parts of the country therefore providing convenience for the all parties involved.

    For safety purposes, the company makes use of a proof of delivery system through which customers can check to see when their package was delivered and also find out who signed for item. This is in addition to the satellite tracking services that customers can opt for before a consignment is shipped.

    Bottom Line

    In dealing with business, nothing is as important as customer satisfaction. The goods being offered may be of excellent quality but if there’s no safe and efficient way to get them to the retailer or the end consumer, the whole production will be meaningless. Obtaining courier services from a trusted service provider is the best way to manage deliveries and encourage business growth.