UK Mail

UK Mail is a private postal service company based in the United Kingdom that covers the UK, Europe and International countries, delivering packages and mail on behalf of businesses and individuals.

UK Mail – Live Tracking, Track and Trace Service

UK Mail have a Parcel Tracker where customers or recipients can search for details of their consignment and its whereabouts using their consignment / card number or customer reference number. With the delivery address postcode in addition, the Parcel Tracker can draw up even more detailed results and tracking information.

There are several different consignment statuses that customers are likely to see when tracking a package. ‘Collected’ means that a parcel has been picked up from the sender by the driver and delivery can be expected soon, but not immediately. ‘At delivery location’ means the package is now at the depot with the delivery driver and is ready to be delivered. Often times, packages showing this status are delivered that day, however this isn’t guaranteed. ‘Out for delivery’ indicates that the driver is out with the parcel and will deliver it to the recipient’s address between the UK Mail delivery hours of 7am and 6pm, and that the recipient should prepare for its delivery.

uk mail tracking

UK Mail Parcel Tracking

These are the main and most common delivery statuses, however when complications occur the following may also show up. ‘Part Delivered’ means some of the package has been delivered, but not all of it. This could be for a number of reasons, and customers should contact customer service (08451 552552) straight away when they see this to obtain more information and resolve the problem. ‘Delivery attempted’ means the driver tried to deliver a package to the delivery address, but nobody was there to sign for it and there was no safe place or neighbour to leave it with. Drivers automatically attempt re-delivery the following day unless instructed otherwise by the sender, who can adjust arrangements on the Manage Your Delivery page. ‘Please call’ means that the package is ready for delivery, but for some reason the depot need to speak with the sender or recipient to get more information first. This can be resolved by calling 08451 552552. ‘Delayed’ means that, for some reason, the parcel has been delayed. Customer care should be contacted for more details and for a delivery estimate.

UK Mail is unable to deliver parcels unless someone over 18 is present to sign for them. Credit is given for late or delayed deliveries, with 100% credit being issued on most deliveries that are 4 days or more late, 75% given on deliveries that are 3 days late, 50% on deliveries that are 2 days late and 10% on deliveries that are 1 day late.

UK Mail – The company

UK Mail Mascot -  Copyrights by UK Mail

UK Mail Mascot – Copyrights by UK Mail

The company, which was formerly known as Business Post, competes with the UK’s dominant and official postal service provider, Royal Mail, and has been offering its competitively priced services to the public and commercial sectors since 2006. Once operating primarily for businesses and using formal contracts for payment and arrangements, the company now offers more casual services alongside its commercial ones, with easy access for every day consumers who need to send the occasional parcel but do not want to open an account or enter into any contracts. This has made it a popular choice for those utilising auction sites like eBay and webstores such as Amazon Market Place, as it enables them to send items to buyers in a cost effective and highly secure manner, with tracking available and no need to even leave the house with the courier collection service.

The company’s beginnings can be traced back as far as 1971 when it began as a taxi firm in northwest London’s Harrow, founded by Peter Kane, who is still the company’s chairman to this day. It wasn’t long until the company expanded and grew into what we now know as UK Mail today, providing overnight and same day delivery courier services. Demand for these services increased dramatically over time, and the company grew with it, supplying the demand and eventually changing its name to Business Post, reflecting its business focused services. In 1993, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange, and in 2009, when its services became more readily available to the general public, it changed its name again to UK Mail.

Despite now catering to people’s everyday mail and parcel needs with its pay as you go online service ipostparcels, which it launched in 2012, UK Mail is still very much business focused and looks after the mail departments for some of the world’s biggest companies and multinationals, along with smaller businesses who find their services more affordable and efficient than its rivals and the Royal Mail. Some of its main customers include Talk Talk and O2, with smaller businesses like Hornby and Morses Club also enjoying and benefiting from the service which is tailored to their needs. The company has won a slew of awards and certifications over the years, including the World Mail Awards Growth Award in 2013 and Best Supplier of Service, Royal Bank of Scotland in 2007.

Today, UK Mail employs 3000 people, a number that increases by the day as it continues to expand, introduce new schemes and open more depots. It currently has 50 depots in the UK, and 3500 delivery vehicles. UK Mail Group PLC is the UK’s largest independent parcel, mail and logistics services company. Its most recent financial statement, dated March 2014, shows dramatic rises in revenues and profit, with a 7% rise in year-on-year revenue to £508.5m. Pre-tax profits also saw an increase, jumping to £22.8m, as did its £219.9m revenue, a 16.2% increase from the previous year. This has resulted in a large increase in market share in the mail business division of the company, which experienced a 19% growth thanks to the rise in popularity of e-commerce. This consistently positive growth has spurred the company to grow further, and it is taking necessary expansion steps in the coming 12 months, expanding its network of depots and moving its national hub and head office to a larger site where it can meet growing demand and also expand its workforce.

UK Mail Fleet - Copyrights by UK Mail

UK Mail Fleet – Copyrights by UK Mail

UK Mail has a number of charity partnerships, often choosing a new charity to support and raise money for every few years. Its current sponsoring charity is NSPCC, a children’s charity for whom it has raised in excess of £80,000 and counting. In 2014/2015, it will also be raising money for The Royal British Legion, who support members of the Armed Forces.

UK Mail Online Shop at

ipostparcels is the UK Mail’s online postal delivery shop, which gives quick and easy access to their services to those who may not have an account or be using the company for commercial purposes. Packages can be sent to the UK, Republic of Ireland and Internationally through the website in a few clicks, and to obtain a quote customers must simply select the size and weight of the package and enter the delivery and collection post codes. The secure online shop accepts payments via Paypal, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron.

UK Mail Top up account

Customers can register an account on the store and then top up their account to save time paying for each shipment on an individual basis. Free credit and savings are given for those with top up accounts, and minimum top up is £5.00. Up to £35 of free credit can be obtained depending on the amount topped up. Topping up £25 gets £1.00 off your next purchase, topping up £50 gets £2.00 off, topping up £100 gets £5.00 off, topping up £150 gets £8.00 off, topping up £250 gets £15.00 off, and topping up £500 gets £35.00 off.

The store also gives the option to link a UK Mail account with an eBay account, giving eBay users the option to have iPostParcels deal with all their eBay deliveries. As the company is able to collect, this means users can fulfil all their eBay orders without even having to leave the house, or alternatively they can drop them all off in one go at their local depot without having to queue and wait for things to be processed one by one. This service covers the UK and also International delivery, offering highly competitive prices and a fully tracked service. A similar service is available for Amazon Marketplace sellers who can cut down on postage costs and save time with iPostParcels parcel delivery and collection.

UK Mail Prices for Shipments Inside UK

UK Mail Shipments -  Copyrights by UK Mail

UK Mail Shipments – Copyrights by UK Mail

Prices for everyday customers start from £2.99 excluding VAT for domestic mail sent within the UK, and £13.00 excluding VAT for mail sent internationally.

  • 2-3 day delivery – £2.99 + VAT
  • Next day signed – £3.99 + VAT
  • Before 12 noon – £5.99 + VAT
  • Before 9am – £10.99 + VAT
  • Saturdays – £3.99 + VAT

Parcels are categorised by weight, size and dimensions. The 2014 prices for UK shipments sent via iparceldelivery are as follows. Prices for commercial businesses and regular customers vary.

  • X-Small (2-3 days) – 0 to 2kg – Either max dimensions of 23x33x8cm or 20x20x20cm – £2.99 + VAT (+ £1.25 one-off collection charge)
  • X-Small (next day) – 0 to 2kg – Either max dimensions of 23x33x8cm or 20x20x20cm – £3.99 + VAT (+ £1.25 one-off collection charge)
  • Small (next day) – 1 to 5kg – No single dimension exceeds 35cm – £5.49 + VAT
  • Medium (next day) – 5 to 10kg – No single dimension exceeds 45cm – £6.49 + VAT
  • Large (next day) – 10 to 15kg- No single dimension exceeds 60cm – £7.49 + VAT
  • X-Large (next day) – 15 to 20kg – Either max dimensions of 70x70x70cm or 120x50x50cm or 150x35x35cm- £8.49 + VAT
  • XX-Large (next day) – Up to 25kg – No single dimension exceeds 80cm – £12.49 + VAT

Savings and offers are available and constantly changing. Current offers include saving £1.00 when sending two or more parcels at a time, saving £1.25 by dropping off the package at a UK Mail depot. UK Mail charge £1.00 extra to get a signature on delivery.

UK Mail Prices for International Shipments 2014

UK Mail delivers to countries all over the world, with each country having individual rates influenced by a number of factors. For many countries, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico Brazil and Argentina, quotes must be requested on a parcel by parcel basis, however for others there are general prices available as a guide. For full international delivery rates and information on restrictions and guidelines set by each country, visit the International Delivery Rates page on ipostparcels. These rates are intended for casual customers of UK Mail. Businesses and regular customers who send more than 5 parcels per week are entitled to reduced rates.

UK Mail International Prices
Country Economy Service Express Service
France From £11.75 + VAT – 3-4 Days – Any Size & Any Weight Up To 25KG From £21.63 + VAT – 2-3 Days – Price Increases With Weight.
Italy From £18.99 + VAT – 3-4 dayss – Up to 25kg in weight – 80x80x80cm max size From £23.82 + VAT – 2-3 dayss – Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max size.
Netherlands From £11.75 + VAT – 2-3 Days Economy Service – Any Size Any Weight. From £21.63 + VAT – 2 Days – Price Increases With Weight
Spain From £18.99 + VAT – 4-6 Days – Any weight up to 25KG From £21.63 + VAT – 2-3 Days – Price increases with weight.
Norway From – £23.99 – 6 Days – Any Size Any Weight. From £17.92 – 2-3 Days – Price Increases With Weight
Switzerland N/A From £18.78 – 2-3 Days – Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.
Canada N/A From £11.67 – 3-4 Days – Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.
Ghana N/A From £19.70 – 3-4 Days – Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.
Japan N/A From £20.96 – 3-4 Days – Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.
UAE N/A From £21.10 – 3 Days – Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.
Hong Kong N/A From £23.46 – 3 Days – Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.

UK Mail Depots and the Depot finder

uk mail depot finder

There are over 50 UK Mail depots located across the UK, from as far as Redruth in Cornwall to Inverness in Scotland. Other depot locations include Exeter, Bournemouth, Bristol, Norwich, Derby and Swansea. Customers can locate their nearest depot by entering their postcode into the depot finder on the UK Mail website. This will then bring up a map showing the exact location, along with the depot address, phone number and opening hours.

UK Mail iConsign

What was formerly known as iConsign is now ipostparcels Pro, an online dispatch programme that businesses or individuals can use without downloading any software onto their computers or devices. This means that multiple people can use the programme within a single company without worrying about installing software multiple times. The web solution has been expertly designed to make the process as quick, easy and hassle free as possible, with postcode functionality already integrated and everything being completely automated, meaning nothing can go missing in the UK Mail system. When changes to postcodes or the postcode system are made, it is automatically updated to provide absolute accuracy.

UK Mail ipostparcels Pro -  Copyrights by UK Mail

UK Mail ipostparcels Pro – Copyrights by UK Mail

ipostparcels Pro also has some special functions of its own to enhance the shipping experience, including the option to switch on SMS notifications which send updates to recipients via text, and an in built address book that auto stores customer addresses during the sending process and can be manually edited and added to. Documentation required to hand over to the collection driver is printable with ipostparcels Pro with Adobe Reader, as well as despatch labels which are made to work with both regular and thermal printers for those looking to achieve optimal quality and professionalism.

Despite being web based, ipostparcels Pro still has many of the features one would expect from elaboarate software programmes, so customers do not lose out or have to compromise on functionality. These include the option to reprint consignment labels or documentation that has become damaged or been lost, cancel consignments within a certain time period if they are no longer required, and in depth tracking details showing delivery history, references, scan history and the final status of the package or consignment. Account holders can access the programme on the dedicated ipostparcels Pro website.

UK Mail Delivery Times – European Road Transit Times (in days)

Andorra (5), Austria (3-4),Balearics (4-6), Belgium (2-3), Bosnia & Herzegovina (5-7), Bulgaria (6+), Croatia (3-5), Czech Republic (3-4), Denmark (3-4), Estonia (6 +), Finland (5-7), France (3-4), France – Corsica (5), Germany (2-3), Gibraltar (4-5), Greece (3-6 +) Hungary (3-4), Italy (3-4), ltaly – Sardinia/Sicily (5), Italy – San Marino (4), Latvia (6+), Liechtenstein (3), Lithuania (7), Luxembourg (2-3), Madeira (6 +), Monaco (4), Netherlands (2-3), Norway (6), Poland (3-4), Portugal (5-6), Romania (6 +), Slovakia (3-4), Slovenia (6), Spain (4-6), Sweden (3-4), Switzerland (3).

UK Mail Delivery Times – International delivery times (Air days)

Albania (3-4), American Samoa (6-7), Algeria (4-5), Andorra (2-3), Angola (4-5), Anguilla (5-6), Antigua & Barbuda (4-6), Argentina (3-4), Armenia (4), Aruba (3-5), Australia (4-5), Austria (2-3), Azerbaijan (3-4), The Bahamas (3-4), Bahrain (3-4), Balearics (3-4), Bangladesh (3-5), Barbados (3-5), Belarus (3-4), Belgium (2), Belize (4-6), Benin (3-4), Bermuda (3-4), Bhutan (5-6), Bolivia (4-5), Bonaire (6-7), Bosnia & Herzegovina (3-4), Botswana (3-5), Brazil (3-5), Brunei (4-5), Bulgaria (2-3), Burkina Faso (3-5), Burundi (3-5), Cambodia (3-4), Cameroon (3-4), Canada (3-4), Cape Verde (4-7), Cayman Islands (3-4), C.African Republic (4-6), Chad (4-7), Chile (3-5), China (3-4), Colombia (3-4), Comoros (4-6), Congo (3-4), Congo Democratic (3-4).

The remaining countries can be found on the UK Mail european & world zone charges & transportation transit time guide.

UK Mail Jobs and Careers

There are many different jobs available at UK Mail, many of which have the potential to turn into long term careers with the opportunity for progression and development on a professional and personal level. Roles available include collection and delivery drivers, head office roles, care centre roles, warehouse roles and LGV drivers. With 55 sites across the United Kingdom and thousands of staff and operations to manage, the roles available are multi faceted and go far beyond the standard delivery or collection positions that are most commonly advertised.

Self Employed Driver Job Vacancies

Like many logistics companies, UK Mail now hire drivers to deliver their parcels on a self-employed basis, whereby they train interested individuals, provide them with the necessary information, skills and resources to do the job, along with a UK Mail branded commercial van or suitable vehicle, and then provide them with regular work and routes covering their local areas without formally employing them through the company. UK Mail assist with many of the things required to do the job, such as vehicle insurance and public liability insurance, and drivers must have a valid licence and pass a screening and vetting audit in order to qualify for the job.

With help from UK Mail, drivers are able to build up their own businesses while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the company. Start up costs typically associated with setting up businesses are non existent, and the staff benefit from the expertise and connections of UK Mail, reaping reduced prices and having access to a highly skilled support team at all times, helping them to grow and progress their business and the routes they cover on behalf of the company. Applications can be made on the career opportunities section of the UK Mail website.


UK Mail run their own apprenticeship programme to help train potential staff and provide a solution for young people affected by the unemployment crisis called ‘AppForThat’, in association with vocational training provider EQL Solutions. The training scheme gives young unemployed people looking for work the chance to gain invaluable skills and knowledge on-the-job, working in one of the many Mail Sort Centres across the UK as Customer Care Advisors or Warehouse Operatives. Through the scheme, they not only end up with new skills which can then be applied within the company or at another similar logistics company, but they also receive formal qualifications to officially confirm and document their achievements. Apprentices receive full pay after the first three months of training through the scheme.

In 2013, UK Mail won the Training Award at the National Courier Awards for their exceptional apprenticeship programme which has become respected within the logistics industry, and following its success at the initial four depots in Milton Keynes, Leeds, Runcorn and Croydon, they are now implementing the scheme at the other 50 depot centres, creating a huge number of new training opportunities in the process.


Working for UK Mail comes with a host of benefits, including a competitive salary and career progression, a pension scheme, life assurance and voluntary benefits such as insurance plans, discounts and vouchers for travel, shopping and leisure. As well as these benefits, employees can also enjoy the company healthcare scheme, childcare vouchers, free eye care and free access to a BUPA health line along with sick pay. Those working in sales departments within the company are also awarded commission based on performance on a regular basis.

Career development

UK Mail provide employees with constant development opportunities, encouraging them to better themselves and grow in their professional environment. To achieve this, regular performance reviews are carried out, giving staff feedback on how they are performing in their current role, where they are excelling and where there is room for improvement. These take place twice per annum. The company also invests in its employees by providing them with training and the chance to train for a number of nationally recognised qualifications in areas including Administration, Customer Service skills, Team Leader, Warehouse Distribution and Driver.

UK Mail is an equal opportunities employer that is welcoming to people from all walks of life and does not discriminate on the grounds of age, sexuality, race, religion, nationality, gender identity or expression, disability, colour, veteran status or sex.

Contacting UK Mail

UK Mail run the majority of their customer care service from within their depots, strategically located across the UK and dealing with local customers on an individual basis. This means service is personal and highly efficient, with quick and effective solutions and problem solving provided.

Enquiries can also be submitted using an online form, or by calling 03451 554455 to speak to an adviser. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm, and Saturday 8am – 12pm. Sales enquiries regarding residential or business addresses can be made using the online sales enquiry form. Enquiries regarding careers and jobs can be emailed to

The Customer Care Team are also active on social media, where they respond to customer comments and questions on a regular basis. The UK Mail Twitter account, @officialUKMail is manned from 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday, with the team aiming to respond to tweets on the same day. They are also active on Facebook.

Press may contact the PR presentatives by sending an email to or in regards to Fiannce PR by phoning +44 (0)20 3128 8100.